Sunday, April 2, 2017

Guest Speaker- Mr Thomas Puetz

Today there was yet another time for the 4th graders to understand more about the important topic of the Unit i.e. we had a Guest Lecture for the learners - A guest lecture always add more depth to the particular topic.  He talked about the rights and duties of his own country - Germany and Europe. He briefed the learners about Global Citizenship and Double Citizenship.
Every person has two rights, global and national/fundamental rights and every citizenship is different. Like German citizens have the right to travel in any of the European countries without any visa, in Swiss - every citizen has to go in army, American citizens wherever in the world they live have to pay taxes to American government whereas in Germany if a citizen earns in Germany then only he will pay tax, etc.
At the end he showed the learners his German passport, Green card of India and OCI. Thus the learners were also made aware of the importance of our rights and duties. It also leads to the betterment of self and also of the community that we live in.

Citizenship Pyramid

Learners of PYP 4B created - Citizenship Pyramid, a 3D graphic organizer to show the different levels of citizenship (Home, School, City, State and Nation) which was mathematics integration of 3D shapes with UOI.
 A presentation on Citizenship was shown to them on how to create a pyramid in which they sorted out their rights, responsibilities and duties at different levels of citizenship for every person. Through this learning engagement they learnt about the basic rights and responsibilities of every citizen in a country. They also understood that every right has a responsibility which needs to be fulfilled. 

Decimal Hurdle

As a part of their theme “Who we are”, under which learners are inquiring about rights and responsibilities of a citizen. They together thought of cleaning railway station /platform. This learning engagement helped them develop Social Skills (Accepting responsibility, respecting others, cooperating, group decision making, adopting a variety of group roles). They collaboratively decided that after completing a particular portion, each learners indicate his name along with the distance covered.
Learners very well integrated decimals by finding the distance covered by each person and who has covered the maximum and minimum and by how much. 

A day with Ms Jayashree Nilak

It was a great pleasure for the learners to have with them Ms. Jayashree, a parent who is a US citizen. She helped the learners to know about rights and responsibility of US citizens in a very simple way. She concluded her session by assigning the task of comparing and contrasting the fundamental rights and​ duties of Indian citizen with that of US citizen.

It was an amazing learning session and proved very beneficial for the learners!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Summative task- Case Study

In the summative assessment learners analyzed and compared child rights and responsibilities through Case Study in which Children’s Rights are being disrespected. Further they wrote a letter to an adult (close relative or teacher) or an organization that protects Children’s Rights so that they can be informed about the situation of this child and showed commitment, with the aim to take action and create awareness.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Formative Assessment

Learners of PYP 4 reflected on their understanding of the citizenship and its role by creating a booklet and PPT on famous personality. Learners researched and found out stories about personalities in the world who have inspired us all to be good citizens and exhibited holy six traits throughout their life and contributed to the Nation. 

Tuning in- Who We Are

The learners were shown the video "My Pride My India" which helped the learners to understand about our new theme WHO WE ARE. They were supposed to guess the inquiry into for their present theme by underlining the key words. They have also shared what they inquired in the same theme in PYP 3. They came to know the words associated with it. After all they are the owners of their learning.

 Afterwards they created the ABC list of the words associated with the big idea - Citizenship which is their pre assessment. Further the learners were grouped into three different groups where each group wrote about how can they became a good citizen in their classroom, home and their community through Carousel brainstorming strategy.